1 Hour SAFE Elective: Bank Secrecy Act: An Overview | Online, Self-Study

Bank Secrecy Act: An Overview Highlights

This convenient online course is designed to enhance your understanding of the Bank Secrecy Act and what is required of mortgage companies to comply, including new requirements implemented with the passage of the Corporate Transparency Act in 2019.

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About This Course:
In a time of heightened geopolitical tension and increased national security risk, terrorism funding and money laundering have received increased government focus. Review the elements of a compliant anti money-laundering (AML) plan, explore the basics of Suspicious Activity Report filings and review the new beneficial ownership database requirements that took effect this year.

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Successive Year Rule
The SAFE Act stipulates that a state-licensed MLO may not take the same approved course in the same or successive years to meet the annual requirements for continuing education. NMLS has interpreted the term successive years to mean two years in a row.


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1 Hour Continuing Education

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  1. This online course features:
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  2. NMLS does not approve courses that are taken on a mobile device. Attempting to complete this course with any mobile device may disrupt your learning experience.
  3. As a reminder, the SAFE Act mandates that an MLO may not take the same course two years in a row.